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Care Management Group  

"All our staff who have trained with Fareport have praised their approach and support. Staff are eager to continue qualifications and this has improved staff retention and their skills and knowledge in the workplace". 
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Liquid Friday 

Fareport have worked with Liquid Friday since 2010 and have placed 22 apprentices with them and completed 17 qualifications from Level 2 up to Level 3. 
Liquid Friday will always try to progress their apprentices onto permanent employment and there is always an opportunity for individuals to develop their strengths and grow in this area, by offering further training.  
"Liquid Friday believe in investing in our fantastic apprentices, they have always brought a fantastic sense of excitement and a fresh perspective to the business. It is extremely rewarding to see them grow with the help of our provider, Fareport." 
Joe Taffurelli, Operations Manager, Liquid Friday 

Theo Paphitis Retail Group 

In the Summer of 2014 the Theo Paphitis Retail Group (TPRG) committed to offering Apprenticeships to all of their young employees and new recruits. To date nearly 200 Apprentices have started on a variety of programmes including Retail, Warehousing and Leadership and Management. 
TPRG is made up of 3 brands: 
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The Theo Paphitis Retail Group are so convinced about the quality of our services that they are offering training and Apprenticeships at all 357 of their UK stores. 
'Fareport Training have an excellent reputation for delivering tailored training and Apprenticeships that will make a real difference to our future success'. 
Theo Paphitis, Entrepreneur and Chairman, Theo Paphitis Retail Group Ltd 
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Fareport worked closely with Mike Winstone, Director of HR, and his Training and Development team to design an Apprenticeship training programme tailored to their needs while meeting national standards. We ensure that all company training programmes are mapped against the Apprenticeship standards. Those colleagues who are not eligible for an Apprenticeship are offered a full in house programme by the business thus ensuring that everyone is developed in line with the operating requirements of their store. 
The Group believe that apprenticeships are an investment in their staff that will ultimately improve retention, progression and productivity in this business. 
In a recent Quality Assurance survey, Mike described Fareport's assessors as 'second to none'. 
The Group are fully committed to offering Apprenticeships to every newly recruited colleague and throughout the business as part of their Leadership programme. The business values the assessment and external scrutiny afforded to the Group from using a high quality independant training provider rather than just offering the training in house. The Group noted that doing all training and assessment in house would be akin 'to marking your own homework'. 
The Group have also used the services of the Fareport Commercial Team to deliver short courses as part of new colleague induction including; 
First Aid 
Manual Handling 
Fire Marshal 
Plus initial training and development needs assessment 
The team at TPRG meet with Fareport monthly to review the progress of all their learners and to discuss upcoming recruitment to the Apprenticeship programme. The partnership between Fareport and TPRG means that there is full integration between the Apprenticeship programme and all aspects of internal training, thus ensuring a highly effective approach and value for money. 


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