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Leadership & Management 

Sarah Trimby The Integrated Care Clinics - Leadership & Management Level 5 

Completing this qualification has helped me recognise my existing abilities, and has given me the confidence to go for new opportunities both in and out of work. It also helped prepare me for my current role which I started in May this year, and has helped me gain a more rounded knowledge of my organisation as a whole. I am really excited with what the future brings, and I hope to develop even further in my role over the next few months. 


Chelsea Bloomfield Ralph Lauren (Bicester Village) - Retail Management Level 3 

I have learned a lot with my trainer, and learned new skills that will help me progress onto a new role. The course has helped me become more confident in my current role and I hope to implement what I have learnt into my job. 

Hannah Fallowfield Ralph Lauren (Bicester Village) - Retail Management Level 3 

I really enjoyed doing the story boards and showcasing my best work. I learnt so much with booklets and it's made me a stronger worker. 

Rory Heaverman Ralph Lauren (Bicester Village) - Retail Management Level 3 

The regular meetings helped clarify any issues I had. I felt confident with my completion with this support.  

Maison Seaber Ralph Lauren (Bicester Village) - Retail Management Level 3 

I really enjoyed completing these units, I found the fact finding part the best as I had to find and learn new information. 
Liz Owen outside The Range

Liz Owen The Range - Retail Level 2, Team Leading and Retail Management Level 3 

Not long after I started working at The Range four an a half years ago, I was given the opportunity to complete the Retail Skills Level 2 Apprenticeship with Fareport. After having completed this accreditation my job role changed and I was able to then attain the Team Leading Level 2 qualification. 
This really benefitted me and helped me to understand the principles of leading a team, communication and the importance of feedback. With this knowledge it has helped me to secure a supervisory role within the store, which has helped me to gain confidence. 
As my role progressed, I started to take on more responsibilities in supporting the department manager, which has now enabled me to start my Retail Skills Level 3 in Management. 
This has given me more opportunities to learn about the role of department manager and now I am proud to say that I have just been promoted to run my own department. 

Kim Rowe The Range - Retail Level 2 

I left school with very few qualifications and then brought up a child up on my own for 10 years. By completing the apprenticeship it has given me the opportunity to achieve something worthwhile and for myself. It has boosted my confidence in my work and home life and I feel that it has been beneficial to me. I am so pleased to now have my Level 1 in English and Maths and a Level 2 NVQ in Retail.  
Finishing this qualification and the support from my assessor has motivated me to now start my Level 2 apprenticeship in Team Leading. This will help further my career and made me realise that you can achieve in your life with the right support and determination. 
Kim Rowe outside The Range

Business Administration 

 Leah Beck No Limits - Business Administration 

"When I finished school I went to college for a little while and I eventually figured that college wasn’t for me. I really didn’t like it and I didn’t think that I was benefitting myself at all from being there, I didn’t like the fact that I was still in a classroom environment even after leaving school. I liked the thought of being treated as a peer and a friend rather than a pupil or a student so I began to explore other options and I came across apprenticeships. 
I found this apprenticeship and I really enjoyed the new experience of being a respected colleague but also still being in education, gaining a qualification and earning money! A lot of people seem to moan about the low income of apprenticeships but I think it is amazing that you are getting paid to gain a qualification, even if it is only a small amount of money, it is better than nothing. I love the fact that I am a trusted member of staff and I am responsible for my own workload but I am still an apprentice and I am still in education. It wasn’t just the fact that I no longer felt like I was a pupil sat in a classroom that made me love my apprenticeship it is also the fact that I have gained so much experience of actually working in an office environment and was able to explore other areas of the business. 
In the future I have always wanted to have a job where I can help people and make a difference to people’s lives and getting this apprenticeship has made me realise I can still do this even though I didn’t get good GCSE results. When I was at school I was made to believe that GCSE’s meant everything but now looking back, it would have been good to get good GCSE’s but I am not going to put myself down about it because there are other ways to excel in life. It has given me more confidence and motivation for my future. 
There are so many benefits within this apprenticeship, one of them is that they have allowed me to be able to attend training courses for free, these training courses are not relevant to my current role but will be relevant for me and for my future and this is why they let me participate in these courses. Alongside my NVQ work and my job role I have decided to take up the opportunity of volunteering here at No Limits to gain even more skills and knowledge, I volunteer for a weekly youth group called ‘Time4U’ which is a group for young people aged 11-18 with learning disabilities and difficulties, I love this group so much and it has really been an eye-opener and has made me realise what I want to do with my future. This has inspired me to hopefully take up the youth work apprenticeship when I have completed my Level 3 Admin. I always think if I didn’t get this apprenticeship I wouldn’t have gained all the skills and knowledge that I now have and without this apprenticeship I may have never been able to. 
Finally, something that is not really relevant to work but this apprenticeship gave me the freedom to be able to learn to drive which is something I have always wanted to do- without the money I was getting from this apprenticeship I don’t think I would have been able to start driving as quickly as I have so this apprenticeship has benefitted me in so many different ways." 

Crystal Henry  No Limits- Business Administration 

"I had dropped out of my college course when I came across the Business Administration apprenticeship here at No Limits. I had always been interested in working in administration as I feel I have a good skill set in this area. I began my level 2 Business Administration apprenticeship at No Limits in November 2016, after a few short months I was given more responsibility and had been asked to support with another service within the organisation. This continued to happen throughout the year as I was then given an additional 7 hours contract to support with the training team and after I had completed that contract I was then given another 7 to do administration for 3 more services. I completed my apprenticeship in November 2017. 
Doing this qualification has enabled me to learn everything required to carry out this kind of role in the workplace, which suited my circumstances better than going to school or college. I always knew the classroom environment was not for me and I learn a lot better by “doing”- this apprenticeship has allowed me to do just that! Not only have I gained masses of new skills, it has also meant I was able to explore what kind of work I would eventually like to go in to. Finally, my apprenticeship has resulted in me now having a full-time position at No Limits as an Administration Officer which has benefitted both myself and the organisation. Although it is only the beginning, this has been a strong start to my career both financially and developmentally.” 

Georgina Liquid Friday - Business Administration 

Georgina has been taken on by the company as an Expenses Administrator, dealing with client registrations and payroll. Her manager Mr Baines says that the right training has played a big part in helping her to progress. The balance of theory and practical work and the opportunity to complete work online caters for the needs of the business. He says that Georgina "rose to the challenge" by getting involved from day one and has taken on more responsibility in her work. She is now hoping to go on to do a Level 3 qualification in either Business Administration or Accounts. Georgina's Apprenticeship is delivered by Fareport Training and she feels that she has really benefited from work-based learning. 
Georgina explained: “My apprenticeship is all about practical learning. I’ve learnt more in the past two months than I did in two years at college.” 

Georgina Christopher Verwood Surgery - Business Administration Level 2 

I joined the apprenticeship scheme in May 2016 when I joined the Verwood Surgery and enrolled onto a business administration level 2 course. Through the learning I found there was lots of coursework to be completed however with the support of my mentor Sarah, it was very achievable. 
Since finishing my apprenticeship I have continued to develop as an individual and within the team at the surgery. I found the apprenticeship gave me the skills and knowledge in order to work efficiently within an administration team and gave me ambitions to progress further. Due to this I have since decided to train to be a healthcare assistant (HCA) within the practice and am already qualified in phlebotomy. 
The help I received throughout my course allowed me to grow and develop within my administration role whilst making steps forward in other areas, and I am now looking to finish my HCA course, and continue learning more skills within the healthcare profession. 

Eleanor Timberlake Verwood Surgery - Business Administration Level 2 

The qualification has benefitted me by giving me a wide range of business admin skills that I am able to apply in the work place. The support I have received has given me the confidence to deliver what the practice expects of my role and has resulted in my contract being extended and hopefully a permanent position. The support I have received has also enabled me to pass my Functional Maths and ICT qualifications which will be a great help for the future. 

Samantha Buckley Alver Vets - Business Administration Level 2 

I have worked at Alver Vets for 7 years in various roles. I am now a receptionist for the Vet practice. 
I meet and greet the customers, dispense medication, answer the phone, chase the debt to us, complete the insurance forms. I also give simple advice over the phone to pet owners. The best part of my role is meeting the customers and cuddling the animals. I chose an apprenticeship to help enhance my business admin skills within my receptionist role. It will benefit me and the company. It will also help to develop my skills for future progression. 
I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone because you can earn as you learn!  It is hands on and not just sitting in a class room stuck in a text book. 
I think I am gaining a qualification that’s adding more knowledge of business administration practices and procedures. I can help others I work with and it will give me the skills I need to progress in my career. 

Health & Social Care 

Rosie Hewett Fareport - Health & Social Care Level 2 and 3 

Having first joined Fareport in 2007 as part of their E2E programme, I was able to complete my NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care through an Apprenticeship. During this time I gained a lot more knowledge, confidence and experience working with adults with learning disabilities and Autism. With the continued support from Fareport I was given the opportunity to undertake my Level 3 Apprenticeship qualification, which I successfully completed in 2010. Four years later and I have now returned to Fareport as a Learning and Development Coordinator. I feel Fareport has given me the opportunity to develop my skills and continue learning in other areas of Health and Social Care. I can now use the skills I have learnt with Fareport to help others who wish to pursue a career in Health and Social Care, through my role as an Assessor. 

Joanne Miles One Community - Health & Social Care Level 5 

I’ve enjoyed learning new theories and processes and evaluating how I already work to see if there are any changes that need to be made. One part that particularly supported me in my role has been looking at certain aspects such as being person centred. I’m just about to become a CQC centre manager so it was vital I understood how the person who is supported is at the heart of all decisions. The support I received from Zoe was brilliant. She was always flexible and was able to try different methods to make the NVQ enjoyable and so that it was never a chore. 

Jordanna O'Shaughnessy Health & Social Care Level 2 

I have learnt a lot from completing my Qualification. The knowledge I have gained has really helped me to develop in my job role. 

Nicola Holley Fareport - Health & Social Care Level 2, 3 and 5 

Over the years of working in the Health and Social Care sector I have completed three levels of apprenticeship. I began working as a Care Assistant and completed my level 2 in Health and Social Care. With this level I gained great knowledge and understanding in caring for people in the most effective ways possible. My career path developed and I gained experience supporting different groups of vulnerable people. I went on to complete my level 3 in Health and Social Care and with this came career progression working as a Team Leader supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities. I have always thoroughly enjoyed supporting vulnerable people to work towards their goals and life ambitions and promoting a good quality of life. I also enjoyed my role supporting the team to provide an excellent level of care to all those we support. 
The support I received from my Assessors at Fareport while completing my apprenticeships and the knowledge and skills gained from these qualifications spurred me continue my development. I went on to complete my level 5 in Health and Social Care. My career developed further and I work as a Deputy Manger of a Residential home supporting Adults with learning Disabilities. The apprenticeship schemes have provided me with the resources to make my achievements in my career and set goals for a future career, working as an assessor myself to support others to gain their own qualifications and set their career paths in the Health and Social Care sector. 

Zoe Young Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust - Health & Social Care Level 2 

Before I began my level 2 health and social care apprenticeship with Fareport I was new to the care sector, therefore very anxious and didn’t have much confidence. However I’ve learnt so much through my time with the trust. I have received support when required and gained so much confidence along the way. The staff on the ward I’ve been based on have supported me greatly and been my go-to when I’ve needed extra training opportunities or just encouragement throughout. Also my trainer Emily has been very good and well organised with my units and diploma side of the apprenticeship. She’s been understanding when I’ve needed extra support and encouraged me to keep on track to get mandatory units compete. Coming to the end of this apprenticeship I have been given an opportunity of a full time position on the ward I’ve been working on and feel excited to learn more as I continue within the care environment" 

Louise Rumble Abbey House - Health & Social Care Level 3 

This course has really helped me with my job role as I now understand a lot more. I have really enjoyed this course and it has espcially helped me with writing care plans and the person centred approach to this. I have had a amazing assessor to guide me through and help when I needed them. I would recommend this company to anyone 

Tina Baddams University Hospital Southamton - Health & Social Care Level 3 

Thank you all at Fareport for all the kind caring support I've had from so many staff members. You really have been amazing over the years . I'm very lucky to have a full time job at University Hospital Southampton and I'm now applying to the emergency department. I feel proud to have studied with Fareport and to tell my colleagues that I studied with you. Please give my thanks to your wonderful staff . 

Hannah Franks Bentley Redclyffe House Learning Disabilities Home - Health & Social Care Level 5 

I have been doing my Apprenticeship since October 2015.  I started my Level 5 whilst I was employed at Contemplation Homes Northcott House. My role was to oversee the residential aspect of the home - whilst I was there I brought in and set up a Team Leader role. Their duties included carrying out the medication rounds, supporting the junior staff, write and update care plans, carry out supervisions and work in partnership with other visiting professionals.  I also set up the training room, supported new staff with the common induction standard, which then changed over to the care certificate.  During my time at Northcott there have been 2 inspections by CQC. The last inspection I was the only Manager present at Northcott, which was rated Good in all areas. This is one of my proudest moments.  In August I started a new job role with Numada healthcare as the Manager of Redclyffe House. I enjoy my new job and all the challenges that it brings. 
I choose to undertake an apprenticeship level 5 to support me with my job role at Northcott House and to be able move my career forward. The apprenticeship has helped me do this. It will also help me with my CQC registration. 
I would have no hesitation in recommending the apprenticeship, to anyone wanting to move forward with their career. 


John Benjamin Learning Links - Warehousing & Storage Level 2 

I’ve been studying for a warehouse and logistics level 2 NVQ for almost a year since I have been at Learning Links. I have come so far and gained a lot of new skills. I have also recently been given the responsibility of health and safety officer and also being a mentor. My current duties are delivering and collecting furniture driving a Luton van and processing sales. I enjoy working with everyone within the company and feel I am very supported with my apprenticeship. This has given me the opportunity in life that I needed and a very rewarding career as the company’s main aim is to support people who have just got a place and are struggling financially and to see their faces and how happy they are when delivering a bed or pots and pans and bedding is amazing and rewarding. I feel the apprenticeship has given me a lot of knowledge to hopefully gain promotion within the company and also improve my skills. 

Matthew Close Warehousing & Storage Level 2 

I am a warehouse operative in Gosport and completing a warehousing NVQ. In my role I pick orders, label stock, palletise boxes and carry out general cleaning in the warehouse. I enjoy palletising boxes best as this is more challenging and has to be done right, it must be perfect and not stacked too high so they are safe. 
I chose the apprenticeship as it is a new way to learn new skills and I really enjoy it. I would encourage anyone to do an NVQ. It is a new way of learning at work and it is fun. It can sound boring on the job title but it is more interesting and the job is more exciting and fun. 
I think that I will gain skills that will help me in my career and I would like to be a supervisor one day. This apprenticeship is giving me the skills to use a fork lift, palletise and other Warehousing jobs ready to be a supervisor. 
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